Saturday, 23 June 2012

To exercise.. or not?

Trying to make a decision as to whether or not to push through feeling sick and training, or resting and taking the time to recover. Well its been an interesting couple of weeks... training has definitely been hit and miss... and one of the major reasons has been due to fighting off illness... unfortunately this week, the illness won... 
Monday morning, despite a mild fever and the beginnings of a bad cough, I chose to train. I dragged myself up at 5am and went to Body Attack/CXWorks, managed to get through the whole hour and didnt feel too bad apart from sweating bucket loads.  However, the coughing got steadily worse as the day went on, making it much more difficult to talk and operate in my classroom.  I made the decision to stay home the next day and pay a visit to one of my not so favourite place, THE DOCTORS.... guess what... she told me I was sick.. :)  Put me off school for 2 days and told me to rest... a 'get out of jail free' pass right?  I was good that day, didnt train... what I did do is organise for the delivery of my own Cross Trainer, (a decision made after the disastrous lack of training caused by the storms the week before).  EXCITING!!!

The next day, another day off work, still coughing heaps, no sleep now for a number of nights, but the new Cross Trainer has arrived... can I resist the temptation?  The answer is no... I cant. Under the pretext of 'showing' my sons how to use it, on I hop and off I go... The fact is, despite being officially sick, I did manage to train, yes I sweated heaps, yes I was a little more wobbly at the end than I would have been usually, and yes I did have a coughing fit just after I stopped, but I survived it, AND in lots of ways, felt so much better than I had been. 

Since then I have picked up my training schedule as usual, and worked at undoing the lack of training in Week 2... And I have come away with the knowledge that my body is much stronger than I ever thought it was.  I am sure that there will be times when some illnesses WILL stop me from training, when the best thing to do for my body is to rest, but that does not mean that every time I get a sniffle,
headache or cough, I have an excuse to skive off... which is what I would have done in the past...

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