Sunday, 15 January 2012


I have to say, exercise has never, ever been something I have looked at or participated in with any fondness.  At best I have seen it as a necessary evil, something to drag my sorry arse through in order to attain some ephemeral reward... with the exception of Indoor Beach Volleyball, which I actually found I enjoyed. 
Since starting the 12WBT, from the last day of the old year, I have been striving to make exercise an integral part of my everyday routine. Despite being on holidays, I have gotten up early and headed off to the gym or the pool and completed my 30-60 minutes of exercise 6 days per week.  I even participated in the SUPER SATURDAY SESSION yesterday for the first time, doing not one hour of exercise, but two!  And then came home and kept on moving so that I wouldn't stiffen up or just veg out for the rest of the day (kinda defeats the purpose then). SO overall I have been somewhat chuffed with myself in this regard!

Today was to be an official rest day, however as a family we had planned a long awaited trip to Rottnest, my first... I, feeling oh so confident in my newly acquired fitness focus... decided we would take bikes and ride around Rottnest... mmmmm..... There is definitely a difference riding a bike in the air conditioned gym, one that is attached to the floor, compared to a wobbly, unco person like me huffing and puffing around Rottnest in the noonday sun trying to keep up with hubby and two teenage sons...
The best thing I can say about the day is that, although there were several times they had to wait for me to catch up (as I walked the bloody bike up the hills.. who knew Rottnest had hills?)... I still did all the riding they did and didn't pike out and just let them go on without me... despite being offered the opportunity to find a shady tree and do just that after I jarred my back jumping down some small outcroppings onto a beach... Despite, pain... heat... exhaustion (did I mention the complete lack of sleep the night before?) and a complete lack of balance and coordination.... I bicycled around (some) Rottnest!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Well.. here goes... my first blogging experience. I would suspect that this year will hold a lot of firsts for me!