Sunday, 3 June 2012

Looking Forward...

Here we are at the start of round 2... measurements done, fitness test done, pre-season tasks completed. The goal line is now in site, with only about 16kg to go until I reach the goal weight I set for myself. But now is when I really need to get tough... now, when I am so close to something that has been such a long time coming, is when I really need to dig deep, and put some strong strategies in place to enable success.

 One of the things I did is to remember where I had come from, and put it out there on my favourite Facebook page, a photo of me close to my top weight, unhappy... unwell.. and looking goddamned awful... It doesnt even look remotely like the person I am now. What a sad individual that was. From then until now I have lost 52.8kg!  By the time I finish this first part of my life long journey, I will have lost close to 70kg.  A whole person. 

I need to keep this person I came from in mind, remember what it was like to be her in comparison to the person I am today.  Remember what it was like to look in the mirror each day, to carry around that weight which excluded my from so many things. Remember how I felt when I was told I was 'beautiful' by my amazing husband, and how hard it was to believe it. Its not so hard anymore... I am starting to believe it myself now...

But I am no only looking back to what I came from, I am also very much looking forward, looking forward to watching the changes that I am hoping and working towards making on my body and both how it looks AND how it works.  To pushing it as hard as I can and continuing to test its boundaries.  I am looking forward to working with my personal trainer Jody to target the areas I really want to work on.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with my amazing exercise buddy Sue and watching her continue to grow and change too.  I am looking forward to supporting and being supported by my amazing Naughty Forties Crew!  I am looking forward to making the changes I have started, permanent parts of my life, a life filled with good food, exercise, activity and a deep sense of self worth.

What an amazing journey this is!

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