Thursday, 7 June 2012


While in the car yesterday evening, after a very full day... I started thinking about how some things have changed in my life in ways I really didnt expect them too.  The primary one being how my body has changed with regards to exercise.

Wednesday I was at home all day with my unwell son, I didnt get out, and didnt get any exercise done.  I picked at food all day and overate to a small degree, but generally felt like crap... even though I got extra sleep and 'rested' most of the day.

Me jogging for Michelle's TV Promo
Yesterday was a completely different story, I was up early at 5am and off to do my pump class, I upped all my weights and really worked hard right through the session, then home to get ready to go to work. After work it was home to get ready to head out to Boxing, then a good kick arse session of boxing before home again... was I tired... yep, but a different type of tired.. it was an earned tired, I felt good.  My body felt good, (under the tired and sore muscles etc) and it felt grateful too, that I had given it an opportunity to move and work.  Because I was exercising, my food was better, another thing my body was grateful for. 

I am not a natural exerciser, but as I have traveled along this path, I have learned to listen better to my body and note what it is saying to me.  As much as sometimes I battle with that lazy little demon that lives inside my head, the voice of, as Emazon put it so beautifully, my 'Inner Goddess' is becoming much louder and clearer each day.  She is appreciating the improved strength and fitness, enjoying the lack of liver pain, the clearer skin,  the extra energy.  I know what I am doing in my life right now is the best thing I can do for myself.  Its not just about outward appearances, its about inward stuff too... that quiet, satisfied and content feeling that I now have when I reach the end of my day and I know that everything I have done has been to the benefit of my health and well being.

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